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What is softwashing?

Soft washing is a totally different exterior cleaning strategy than power or pressure washing. It is a non-pressurized strategy for outside cleaning. The soft washing process utilizes biodegradable and eco-friendly chemical solutions to clean the outside of your property. Most of the dirty marks on your house, roof, deck, or driveway are some kind of organic growth. This can range from algae, moss, mold, and other types of organic matter that feed on the minerals within the surface they attach themselves to. While your property can withstand harsh weather conditions, your house’s exterior is still fragile and can be easily damaged by pressure or power washing.

Your home has various weather protection features such as layers of paint that can easily be chipped away or windows that can be cracked and seals broken with a high powered pressure washer . While we still use a pressure washer to apply and rinse the solution from your property, the PSI (pound-force per square inch) is highly reduced to only a couple hundreds of PSI as opposed to thousands which can cause some serious property damage!

It is strongly suggested that you utilize an expert to conduct the soft wash method on your home. The chemical solutions that we use by the industry standard (typically sodium hypochlorite, water, neutralizer, and other surfactants) to remove the dirt and organic matter from your property can be hazardous to the point where it needs professional care.

What do we offer?

House Wash

One of the two most common services we offer is a house wash. We can clean just about any siding, from vinyl, cedar, aluminum, stucco, and more. We apply an eco-friendly biodegradable solution to the property and rinse with a low pressure wash for immediate results. Your home is both pre and post treated for long lasting resistance for the seasons to come.

House Siding House Wash Clean Pressue Softwash Before After

Roof Wash

The second most common service we offer is a roof wash. We cover roof materials such as asphalt shingles, clay, tar, rubber coat, aluminum, and more. We make sure to eliminate the most common pest in dirty roofs, gloeocapsa magma a common bacteria that feasts upon the lime in your roofing material. This is the very common black streaks you see on most roofs that look dirty. We can make your roof look like new!

Roof Clean Before After softwash service

Surface Clean

We can accomplish dramatic cleaning results on your concrete surfaces. This can range from your driveway, patio, or even your sidewalk! 

Driveway Patio Clean Service

Deck Wash

Getting that seasonal grime off of your deck could always be a pain! Take the year off and let us do the cleaning for your backyard haven.

Deck Clean Service

Fence & Railing Wash

Your fences take a beating from the weather and other outdoor elements. We can take care of that for you with our professional softwashing equipment. We can clean wood, PVC, or aluminum.

Fence Clean Service

Gutter Clean

While there are bundling options with cleaning your gutter systems with a roof wash, we can also come to conduct a gutter cleaning on its own.

Gutter Clean Service

Overall 5-Star Customer Rating


Customer Testimonials

I chose Garden State Softwash Pros for a roof cleaning job and was absolutely stunned with the service we received. Brandon, the owner, threw in a gutter clean for free with my first purchase of a roof wash and both of the results were astounding!
Karol Sosa
Bloomfield, NJ Resident
This was an overall delightful experience. Brandon was extremely responsive in making an appointment, providing an estimate, and completing the work on time as well as in budget. I was especially impressed with his thoroughness and attention to detail. He worked well into the night to ensure that job exceeded my expectations. And it did!
Anthony Mayo
Tenafly, NJ Resident
Great service,excellent result. Removed dirt and mold from 10 year old paint job and the house looks freshly painted. Superior and less destructive than power washing. Highly recommend.
Ed McHugh
Montclair, NJ Resident

Softwash Services FAQ

What is softwashing?

Softwashing is the process of cleaning exterior surfaces with use of low pressure water in conjunction with environmentally safe chemicals.

Why use softwashing over pressure washing?

When high pressure water is applied to some exterior surfaces, it can cause a lot of damage such as scoring to property siding, the chipping or damaging of paint, and even forcing water behind shingles and siding causing unexpected water damages and mold. Additionally, the time your property remains clean after a softwash is considerably longer than if pressure washed. When softwashing, a pre and post treatment of proprietary algicide is applied to the property to reduce future dirt and bacteria build-up.

Can you softwash a roof?

Softwashing a roof is actually the exterior cleaning industry's preferred method of servicing a roof. High pressure can wear down the small gravel in your asphalt shingles reducing their overall lifespan. Softwashing protects the structure of your roof as well as treats it to maintain a clean look for a longer period of time.

What are those black streaks on my roof?

The black streaks and spots of discolor on your roof is primarily caused by an algae known as Gloecapsa Magma. A pesky organic material, it feeds primarily on the lime in your shingles and slowly reduces the integrity of your roof. Softwashing will get rid of any organic material on your roof in a matter of seconds from time of application.

What surfaces do Garden State Softwash Pros clean

Just about anything! We clean property siding which can be vinyl, stucco, hardie board, or cedar shingles. We also specialize in cleaning roofs, driveways, patios, decks, fences, and porches. We don't stop there! Give us a call and we will likely be able to clean what you throw at us.

Where does Garden State Softwash Pros service?

We service all of New Jersey and in some cases eastern Pennsylvania and some parts of New York.

company logo Garden State Softwash Pros

Garden State Softwash Pros service the state of New Jersey and in some instances we service eastern Pennsylvania and New York.

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